Difficulties Arise as Players Attempt to Begin Cyberpunk DLC’s Final Mission


The article discusses a problem in the game Cyberpunk 2077 and its expansion called Phantom Liberty. The game has a feature where players have to wait for an undetermined amount of time for certain quests to activate. This waiting time continues into the Phantom Liberty expansion, frustrating players who are eager to progress in the game. Despite the recent 2.0 update, which aimed to improve the game, players are still experiencing long waits for missions to appear.

The article suggests that the waiting time may be a creative choice to encourage players to engage in side missions rather than rushing through the main quest. However, players are finding it tedious and time-wasting, and it hinders their enjoyment of the game. One specific example mentioned is a mission called “The Killing Moon” in the Phantom Liberty expansion, where players have to wait for a phone call from a character named Songbird. The wait for this call can be the longest players have experienced in their three years of playing Cyberpunk 2077.

Many players have reported this issue and have tried to find solutions, but there seems to be no clear answer. Some have suggested completing another quest called “Run This Town” before progress can be made in “The Killing Moon,” but others have managed to proceed without completing that quest. The article states that CD Projekt Red, the game developer, has been contacted about the issue, and it remains to be seen if they will address it or offer a solution. In the meantime, players are left frustrated and seeking guidance on how to advance in the game.

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