Dragon’s Dogma 2 receives mixed reception following microtransaction controversy


Dragon’s Dogma 2 recently launched on PC, unveiling a hidden set of microtransactions available for purchase. These microtransactions include items like fast travel points, Rift Crystals for hiring Pawns, appearance change and revival consumables, and special camping kits. However, the introduction of these microtransactions has caused backlash, leading to the game being review bombed on Steam with a “Mostly Negative” rating.

Players are expressing disappointment and frustration at the inclusion of microtransactions in a fully priced single-player game like Dragon’s Dogma 2. The affordability of these in-game purchases, ranging from $1 to $5, has left gamers feeling dissatisfied. The negative reception towards the microtransactions is overshadowing the positive aspects of the game, such as its engaging combat systems and rich fantasy world. Despite the game’s quality, the implementation of these microtransactions has dampened enthusiasm among both players and reviewers.

The availability of rare and hard-to-find items through microtransactions, as well as the limited quantities of certain in-game items, further fuel the discontent among players. Being a premium-priced single-player experience, many feel let down by the aggressive monetization tactics in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The game’s excellence is now marred by the presence of these microtransactions, creating a sense of disappointment and disapproval within the gaming community.

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