EA Removes FIFA Games from Digital Storefronts, Including Steam.


Electronic Arts (EA) has removed its FIFA games from digital storefronts like Steam and console stores. This includes last year’s title, FIFA 23. However, players can still access the games through EA Play, the company’s subscription service. Physical copies of the delisted games are still available for purchase. The reason behind the removal is unclear, but it is likely due to a licensing issue.

EA rebranded its annual football game series as EA Sports FC and ended its long-running licensing partnership with FIFA. The first entry in the new series, EA Sports FC 24, will be officially released on September 29th. FIFA president Gianni Infantino confirmed that the FIFA name will still be used for other games in the future, just not ones made by EA. Players who have already purchased FIFA games on digital storefronts can still download and play them.

Despite the removal of FIFA games from digital storefronts, players can still access them through EA Play and physical copies. It remains unclear why EA decided to delist the games, but a licensing issue is a likely reason. With the rebranding of the series to EA Sports FC, FIFA will continue to be used for other games, albeit not those developed by EA.

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