Embracing Monk Mode: People Limiting Social Media Use Like Never Before


The increasing use of social media and digital devices has led many people to seek ways to resist the constant urge to check notifications and scroll through social media feeds. One approach gaining popularity is “monk mode,” which involves dedicating oneself to a single task with no distractions. Apps like Freedom, ColdTurkey, FocusMe, and Forest allow users to block specific social media sites or turn off internet access entirely. According to Susie Alegre, a human rights lawyer and author, shutting off access to social media enables her to better concentrate on her work. Grace Marshall, an author and productivity coach, emphasizes the addictive nature of technology and highlights the need for workplace guidelines to protect work-life balance and mental health.

The founder of the Freedom app, Fred Stutzman, noticed that many people struggle to resist constantly checking social media feeds. He believes that social media platforms like Facebook employ experts to make their apps more stimulating, putting the average person at a disadvantage. The Freedom app saw a significant increase in users during the COVID-19 pandemic, reflecting the growing need to manage digital distractions. To combat social media addiction, Vladimir Druts, co-founder of FocusMe, sees monk mode as a movement against the desire for instant gratification. He believes that as artificial intelligence continues to advance, the distractions from technology will only increase, making monk mode even more crucial in the future.

As social media and digital devices continue to consume our attention, many individuals are seeking ways to regain focus and resist distractions. Monk mode and blocking apps like Freedom provide practical solutions to limit social media use and increase productivity. However, addressing this issue goes beyond personal willpower. Workplace guidelines and awareness about the addictive nature of technology are crucial in creating a healthier work-life balance. With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and the increasing number of apps competing for our attention, monk mode is likely to become even more relevant in the future. It is essential for individuals and society as a whole to recognize the need for intentional focus and take proactive steps to protect mental health and productivity in the digital age.

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