Eufy’s Enhanced X8 Pro Robot Vacuum Automatically Removes Hair Tangles


Anker’s Eufy division has released a new robot vacuum cleaner, the Eufy Clean X8 Pro, which offers more powerful suction and innovative features. Priced at $649.99, the vacuum is equipped with infrared laser navigation and AI home mapping to navigate around obstacles. It also has self-emptying capabilities and can perform basic mopping.

The X8 Pro is an upgraded version of the 2021 X8 Hybrid, with each of its Twin-Turbine 2.0 motors delivering 4,000 Pa of suction. However, as stated in a robot vacuum buying guide, the brush plays a crucial role in the cleaning effectiveness. The X8 Pro’s V-shaped roller brush is located on the front-right, ensuring effective dirt collection. Additionally, the vacuum can detangle hair and pet fur by spinning its roller brush in the opposite direction and using an integrated comb.

Furthermore, the X8 Pro features a larger air duct, an oversized air filter, and a dust bag with a capacity of 2.5L. The docking station has a triple-filtration system and can hold up to 45 days’ worth of dirt collection. Although it does not have rotational mops like the X9 Pro, the X8 Pro’s bottom fabric can be used for general floor cleaning. Eufy plans to update the X9 Pro with new deep-mopping features, water-level detection, and smart no-go zones by the end of September. The Clean app allows users to manually detangle the vacuum and customize cleaning cycles based on room preferences.

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