Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Settles Pronunciation of Cait Sith in New Revelation


The upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has sparked a debate among fans regarding the proper pronunciation of a character’s name. Cait Sith, a cat-like party member from the original Final Fantasy VII, will be making his proper introduction in the Remake timeline. However, fans have long debated whether the name should be pronounced as “Kate Sihth” or the original Scottish Gaelic pronunciation, “Ket Shee.” Square Enix has finally revealed that the name will be pronounced as “Kate Sihth,” similar to how many fans have been saying it. This announcement has generated mixed reactions, with some fans affirming their decades-long pronunciation and others feeling that it erases the character’s cultural and folkloric origins.

The issue of pronunciation in Final Fantasy games is not new, as many characters and concepts were read rather than heard in the early days of the franchise. The protagonist’s name in Final Fantasy X, for example, sparked a raging debate among fans because it could be renamed. The latest installment, Final Fantasy XVI, also introduced a new pronunciation for the series summon Ifrit. These inconsistencies in information have left fans grappling with how to properly pronounce various names and terms.

While the debate surrounding Cait Sith’s name continues, it is clear that Final Fantasy fans have been grappling with this issue for years. The announcement of the pronunciation in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has only added fuel to the fire, as some fans feel it goes against the character’s history and cultural origins. As fans eagerly await the release of the game, the debate over how to pronounce Cait Sith’s name remains a topic of interest and discussion within the Final Fantasy community.

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