Genshin Impact Mod Replaces Neuvellite with Beloved Pokemon Character


A Genshin Impact mod has gained attention for adding a beloved starter Pokémon to the game. The mod replaces the character Neuvellite with Squirtle, allowing players to play as the iconic Water-type Pokémon. The mod showcases Squirtle using hydro attacks to defeat enemies, accompanied by the original Pokémon theme tune. While Squirtle’s signature attacks are not included in the mod, Neuvillete’s abilities work well as a replacement. However, using mods in Genshin Impact can result in an account ban.

Although an official Genshin Impact x Pokémon crossover is unlikely, players are still hopeful for other crossover content, such as a potential Honkai Star Rail x Genshin Impact event. This mod demonstrates the enthusiasm of the Genshin Impact community for incorporating their favorite characters into the game. With its elemental combat system, Genshin Impact serves as a suitable platform for Pokémon crossovers due to the need for mastering different elements to exploit enemy weaknesses. While using mods can enhance the game experience, it is important to be cautious to avoid potential penalties.

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