Getty Images Delves into Generative AI


Getty Images, a stock-photo service provider, has released its own AI photo-generation tool called Generative AI. The tool, which is paywalled on the website, will be available to the company’s commercial customers. Getty Images partnered with Nvidia to develop and train the tool, which is trained on hundreds of millions of Getty Images. It is designed for commercial use, allowing customers to prompt the tool to generate new images instead of using stock images. The tool is intended for photo editors and marketers and will not be used by news organizations.

Getty’s entry into the AI photo-generation market puts it in competition with rival Shutterstock and Adobe. Shutterstock has partnered with OpenAI, while Adobe recently introduced its generative AI engine, Firefly. Getty’s tool raises ethical questions about training an AI model on photographers’ images and how photographers will be compensated. Getty argues that its tool is different because it has cleared the legal rights to the photos used for training. Customers using Getty’s tool will have the right to perpetual, worldwide, nonexclusive use of the images, and new content generated by AI will not be added to Getty’s existing libraries for others to use.

In summary, Getty Images has launched its AI photo-generation tool called Generative AI. Developed in partnership with Nvidia, the tool is trained on hundreds of millions of Getty Images and is paywalled on the website. It is intended for commercial use and allows customers to create new images instead of using stock photos. Getty’s tool competes with offerings from Shutterstock and Adobe and raises ethical concerns about the use of photographers’ images. However, Getty argues that it has obtained the legal rights to the photos used for training and customers using the tool will be covered by royalty-free licensing agreements.

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