Hearts of Iron 4 to be delisted with high number of unattainable Xbox achievements


Paradox Interactive has made the decision to stop updating and delist the Microsoft Store version of its real-time PC strategy game Hearts of Iron IV. This decision, announced by game director Arheo on the Paradox Forum, is due to the majority of players being on other platforms, leading the developer to focus its resources where they are most needed. However, the game currently has a staggering 60 unobtainable achievements on Xbox, with players urging Paradox to address this issue before discontinuing support for the game.

Hearts of Iron IV, released in 2019 and previously available on PC Game Pass, has the most unobtainable achievements of any Xbox game on the platform. The majority of these unobtainable achievements are from DLC packs, with one particularly odd add-on named “Placeholder” that appears to have been pushed live without its achievement list being updated. Despite calls from players to address these broken achievements, Paradox has not yet commented on the issue.

While the Xbox version of Hearts of Iron IV will no longer be available for purchase after March 1, the developer has promised a solution for players who have already bought the game. Paradox is working on providing free Steam keys for Hearts of Iron IV and its DLC packs to those who have purchased them through the Microsoft Store, with more details to come closer to the delisting date.

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