Helldivers 2: Game Master Joel ramps up the challenge with Automaton battles


Players of Helldivers 2 have received a new Major Order focusing on eliminating the Automatons and liberating Troost in Operation Swift Disassembly. The lore behind this order stems from captured bots revealing plans for a massive invasion called “The Reclamation.” Speculation within the community suggests that this could be a move to reclaim Cyberstan, the home planet of the Cyborgs introduced in the previous game.

The announcement has sparked mixed reactions among players, with some expressing hesitation due to the unpopularity of fighting the bots compared to bugs. However, dedicated fans, especially Malevelon Creek veterans, are optimistic that this Major Order will rally bug-slaying enthusiasts to join the battle against the Automatons. The recent patch addressing freezing issues when using specific weapons has also better prepared players to take on this daunting task, building on previous successes like acquiring mechs in a previous Automaton Major Order.

As Helldivers band together to face this new challenge, rallying cries and calls for solidarity have emerged on platforms like Reddit. The community is urged to shift their focus from bugs to bots, showing readiness and determination to tackle the looming threat presented by the Automatons. With new strategies, patched bugs, and a shared goal, players are gearing up to engage in a crucial mission to protect Super Earth from the impending invasion.

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