Honda Prologue EV: Specifications for Range, Battery, and Charging Unveiled


Honda has announced that the upcoming 2024 Honda Prologue, its first all-electric SUV, is expected to have a range of 300 miles on a single charge. Built on GM’s Ultium platform, the Prologue achieves this range with its 85kWh battery, which is the same size as the Chevy Blazer EV. While the two vehicles have many similarities, including their wheelbase and driver instrument display, the official EPA range for the Chevy SUV is slightly lower at 279 miles.

In addition to the impressive range, the Prologue also offers unique features such as wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto support, which the GM EVs do not have. Honda will also provide several charging package options for Prologue buyers, including home charging stations and public charging credits. These charging package options aim to make it convenient for Prologue owners to find chargers and initiate a charge using the new HondaLink app.

Honda is set to deliver the first Prologue EVs in early 2024, with prices starting in the upper $40,000s. The Prologue may also qualify for the $7,500 federal tax incentive, making it an attractive option for electric vehicle buyers. In the long term, Honda plans to introduce 30 new EVs globally by 2030, with a sales volume target of 2 million vehicles. By partnering with GM for the Prologue, Honda aims to bridge the gap in its electrification process and establish itself as a strong player in the EV market.

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