Hot as Hades: Warm Snow Targets PS5, PS4 with Sizzling Intentions


Warm Snow, an action roguelike game inspired by Chinese folklore, is set to release on PS5 and PS4 on October 20th. The game, which originally debuted on Steam earlier this year, has garnered positive reviews for its unique visual style influenced by silk paintings. Players will take on the role of Bi An, a mysterious warrior, as they venture through a world plagued by the eerie phenomenon known as “Warm Snow.” The objective is to confront and punish the Five Great Clans responsible for protecting the world but failing in their duty by using an arsenal of flying swords to overcome endless waves of enemies.

While Warm Snow may not possess the same level of visual finesse as Hades, it stands out with its distinct xianxia art style. The game presents a dark fantasy universe that captures the essence of Chinese folklore. As players assume the role of Bi An, they will immerse themselves in a world devastated by the enigmatic Warm Snow. Tasked with exacting justice upon the Five Great Clans, players will engage in intense battles, continuously firing flying swords at every adversary in their path.

Warm Snow offers an intriguing and unique gameplay experience that differs from the traditional rogue-lite formula. The combination of the game’s mesmerizing visual identity, inspired by silk paintings, and its action-packed combat mechanics sets it apart from other titles in the genre. Gamers eagerly anticipating its release on PlayStation platforms can expect an immersive journey through a dark and fantastical realm, where they will unleash their skills and confront the failures of the Five Great Clans in an epic battle.

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