Inconvenient Visit: Starfield Player’s In-Game Parents Interrupt The Lodge


In the popular game Starfield, players have the opportunity to interact with their virtual parents during a significant mission called “High Price to Pay.” This unique feature is made possible by the Kid Stuff trait, which allows players to visit their parents and receive gifts from them. However, players must send a portion of their in-game credits to their virtual parents every week. Despite the emotional nature of the mission, one player was surprised to find their parents visiting The Lodge, the game’s central location, during the chaos of an attack by a dangerous enemy called the Hunter. The screenshot shared by the player even shows the player’s mother enjoying the scenery while a companion lies lifeless in the background, creating a darkly humorous and unexpected moment.

The presence of parents in the game is a rare occurrence in RPGs and adds a unique aspect to the gameplay experience. With the Kid Stuff trait, players not only have the opportunity to visit their parents, but they can also encounter them while exploring the game’s universe. This adds a sense of realism and depth to the virtual world, as players can interact with their digital parents and receive support or encouragement from them.

Interestingly, the encounter with the player’s parents during the “High Price to Pay” mission highlights the juxtaposition of a heartfelt moment with the chaos and violence of the gameplay. While the player is faced with difficult choices and the potential loss of a companion, their parents’ carefree presence creates an eerie and unexpected atmosphere. This unexpected interaction and its darkly humorous elements showcase the developers’ attention to detail and their commitment to creating a nuanced gaming experience.

Overall, Starfield’s inclusion of a feature that allows players to interact with their in-game parents adds depth and realism to the gameplay. The surprise visit by the player’s parents during a crucial mission creates a unique and unexpected moment that combines emotions, chaos, and dark humor. It is a testament to the developers’ efforts to create a memorable and immersive gaming experience.

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