Insider Tricks: Decode ‘Connections’ #109 with September 28 Hints and Answers


The latest word game from The New York Times, called Connections, has become a popular hit among players. Created by associate puzzle editor Wyna Liu, Connections challenges players to find the common threads between four words and group them accordingly. Each puzzle consists of 16 words divided into four categories, and players must select the correct connection for each set. The game allows for rearranging and shuffling of the board to make it easier to spot connections. Connections can be played on both web browsers and mobile devices, and players can share their results on social media.

In today’s puzzle, players were presented with four categories: Reflect Light (FLASH, GLEAM, GLITTER, SPARKLE), Ways to Gather Food (FISH, FORAGE, HUNT, TRAP), Rap Subgenres (BOUNCE, CRUNK, DRILL, GRIME), and Light___ (BEER, BULB, RAIL, YEAR). Players had to correctly group the words based on their shared characteristics. The game ends after four mistakes, and players have the option to solve the puzzle themselves or check the solution provided. Tomorrow, new Connections puzzles will be available to challenge players’ thinking skills.

If you didn’t manage to guess today’s puzzle, don’t worry! More puzzles will be available in the future, and helpful hints will be provided to guide you. Additionally, if you’re looking for hints and answers from previous days, you can find them on the game’s website. So get ready to exercise your brain with the exciting word game Connections from The New York Times!

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