Introducing TechToday: Healthcare IT Leaders Present a Brand New Podcast


The inaugural episode of the Leader to Leader podcast from Healthcare IT Leaders features a conversation with Doug Hires, the former Chief Operating Officer of OptumInsight. Hires discusses various topics related to revenue cycle management, including the need for a holistic approach, the potential benefits of outsourcing, and the importance of leveraging emerging technologies for efficiency improvement. The podcast also delves into Hires’ leadership philosophies, emphasizing the significance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence for emerging leaders.

During the episode, Hires highlights the importance of viewing revenue cycle management as an integrated part of the entire healthcare delivery process. He suggests that organizations should consider incorporating it holistically instead of treating it as a separate aspect. Additionally, Hires explores the potential of outsourcing as a means to address workforce challenges and reduce costs in revenue cycle management. By utilizing external resources, healthcare organizations can potentially optimize their operations and enhance efficiency.

Furthermore, the conversation touches upon the persistent issue of claims denials and the role of workflow optimization and automation in reducing denials and improving revenue cycle efficiency. Hires emphasizes the need for organizations to streamline their workflows and utilize automation tools to minimize denials, ultimately leading to improved financial outcomes. Apart from discussing revenue cycle management, the podcast also delves into Hires’ leadership philosophies. He believes that effective leadership is rooted in communication, active listening, and taking action based on the information gained. According to Hires, self-awareness and emotional intelligence are critical traits for emerging leaders to cultivate.

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