iPhone users can now access Game Boy emulator after App Store rule change.


Apple recently made a groundbreaking change to their App Store rules, allowing game emulators on the iPhone for the first time. This policy shift has paved the way for the release of the first emulator apps on the store, such as iGBA, a Game Boy game emulator for iPhone and iPad. This development marks a significant departure from Apple’s previous stance on such applications, which would have been rejected just two weeks ago.

The developer of iGBA has wasted no time in capitalizing on this rule change, offering a fully featured emulator that allows users to download and play Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Color ROMs. Despite being a copy of the open-source project GBA4iOS and monetized with ads, iGBA provides a range of features including save states, controller customization, and external display projection via AirPlay. The ambiguity of the App Store rule change regarding sideloaded ROMs has left room for interpretation, but the approval of iGBA signals a new era where game emulators can thrive on the platform.

With the App Store now seemingly open to a wider range of emulators and ROM loading functionality, developers and users alike have a whole new world of possibilities to explore. This move by Apple not only expands the range of applications available on the store but also opens up opportunities for innovation and creativity within the gaming community. As more emulator apps make their way onto the store, it will be interesting to see how this change impacts the gaming landscape on iOS devices.

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