King Charles’ purchase of Peak District bungalow for late Queen’s confidante.


In a heartwarming gesture of gratitude and loyalty, King Charles purchased a new home for Angela Kelly, the late Queen’s confidante and dresser, after she was asked to leave her Windsor estate residence following Her Majesty’s passing in 2022. The £465,000 three-bedroom bungalow in the Peak District offers Ms. Kelly a cozy retreat far from her previous royal surroundings but still embodies a sense of comfort and security. The property, discreetly acquired by the King to honor the Queen’s promise of lifelong accommodation, reflects a thoughtful gesture towards a devoted employee.

While the move to the Yorkshire bungalow symbolizes a significant transition for Ms. Kelly, it also comes with a distinct stipulation – a non-disclosure agreement intended to safeguard royal secrets and restrict commercial exploitation of the monarchy. Despite the NDA’s constraints, Ms. Kelly’s close relationship with the late Queen is evident in her two published books about their collaboration, with plans for a third book approved by Her Majesty. The relocation from her historic Windsor home to a simpler residence signifies a new chapter in Ms. Kelly’s life, marked by both sentimental memories and professional commitments.

Even as she settles into her new abode surrounded by picturesque views and modest comforts, Ms. Kelly’s legacy as a respected and occasionally controversial figure in royal circles endures. Dubbed ‘AK-47’ by colleagues due to her commanding demeanor, she remains a cherished presence in the memories of those who knew her. The transition from Windsor to the Peak District encapsulates not just a physical relocation, but also a poignant testament to the enduring bonds of loyalty and duty in the realm of royalty.

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