Larian Cancels ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ DLC, Rules Out ‘Baldur’s Gate 4’ Production.


In a surprising turn of events, Baldur’s Gate 3, the highly acclaimed game that took the gaming world by storm, has announced that there will be no DLC or sequel in the works. The decision was made by the developers at Larian Studios, who felt that their heart was not fully invested in the potential DLC, leading to its cancellation. This unconventional move may come as a shock to fans, but the team’s dedication to creating games from the heart speaks volumes about their commitment to quality over quantity.

Following the cancellation of the DLC, the team at Larian Studios expressed their elation and desire for closure on Baldur’s Gate 3, despite the game receiving numerous updates and patches since its launch. Additionally, the studio revealed that they will not be pursuing a sequel to the game, opting instead to hand over the reins to another studio to carry on the legacy. This decision may seem unexpected, but Larian Studios has their sights set on a new project that promises to be even more ambitious than Baldur’s Gate 3.

Moving forward, Larian Studios aims to create a new game that will surpass the scope of Baldur’s Gate 3, while also relinquishing the IP rights back to Wizards of the Coast. By doing so, the studio hopes to avoid the financial constraints associated with licensing fees, allowing them to fully focus on their creative vision. Although fans may be disappointed by the lack of DLC or a sequel, the decision reflects Larian Studios’ commitment to innovation and artistic integrity in the gaming industry.

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