Larian shifts focus away from Dungeons & Dragons in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Larian Studios, the developers behind the immensely popular game Baldur’s Gate 3, have announced that they will not be creating any expansions or a fourth installment in the series. Swen Vincke, the founder of Larian Studios, revealed during a panel at the Game Developers Conference that the studio plans to move away from Dungeons & Dragons games, much to the surprise of many fans and industry insiders. Despite the success of Baldur’s Gate 3, with over 10 million copies sold and numerous awards won, Larian Studios has decided to let Wizards of the Coast, the owner of Dungeons & Dragons, take over the franchise.

Originally, Larian Studios had considered creating DLC for Baldur’s Gate 3, but ultimately decided against it after realizing that the idea was not genuinely coming from the heart. This decision marks a significant shift for Larian Studios, as they had initially intended to continue expanding upon the successful Baldur’s Gate series. Moving forward, the studio will focus on new projects and leave the fate of Baldur’s Gate in the hands of Wizards of the Coast. Despite stepping back from the franchise, Larian Studios will continue to support Baldur’s Gate 3 with patches and plans to introduce official mod support for both PC and console players.

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