Letterboxd’s acquisition ensures minimal changes, promises stability with “very little” alteration.


Beloved film review and social media platform, Letterboxd, has been acquired by Canadian holding company Tiny. Letterboxd, founded in 2011, has grown its user base to around 10 million people and is home to film buffs, critics, and even celebrities. The platform allows users to record films they watch, write reviews, and interact with their friends’ entries. While the basic tier of Letterboxd is free and includes ads, users can opt for a $19 yearly paid option for an ad-free experience and year-end lists of watch data.

Following the acquisition, the new owners of Letterboxd have stated that they do not plan to change the business model. However, the founders of Letterboxd believe that the acquisition will support the company’s growth and enable the addition of more features, such as the ability to review TV shows in addition to films. The founders assure users that little else will change, as they will continue to lead the team and enjoy the additional support and experience of Tiny.

Many users gravitated towards Letterboxd during the pandemic as a respite from overwhelming and anxiety-inducing traditional social media. Significantly, the platform has undergone minimal changes over the past decade, contributing to its popularity. Users appreciate the flexibility and personalization of Letterboxd as a digital journal, allowing them to follow others’ reviews or simply record their own film-watching experiences. As the future unfolds, users hope that Letterboxd will retain its unique charm and customizable nature.

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