Lost Ark’s October Update Announcement – Latest News in 13 Words


The October Update for the game “Heroes of Arkesia” is set to arrive next week. In preparation for the new content, the developers have shared the Item Level requirements and other prerequisites for the new continent and Trial Guardian Raid. The new continent, Pleccia, can be visited by players who have reached an Item Level of 1475 or higher. To start the questline in Pleccia, players must also complete the “Call of Destiny” quest. Pleccia is described as a land of romance, art, and freedom, with stunning views and unique NPCs to interact with. The story revolves around solving mysteries surrounding the Vediche family, the Sacria priests, and an old friend, with the opportunity to collect special items and unlock hidden achievements.

The Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid offers a challenging experience similar to the Inferno difficulty of Legion Raids. Players can enter the raid after setting up their build through the ‘Book of Coordination’, completing Raid Level 1: Defeat Vertus, and reaching an Item Level of 1250. If successful, the victorious party will earn prestigious rewards, including achievements and a Legendary Title. The raid also features a leaderboard that displays the first clear in the region and the fastest clear time. To allow as many players as possible to participate, the raid will be opened simultaneously at a more friendly time for all regions.

Keep an eye out for the full release notes next week and get ready for exciting adventures in the world of Arkesia.

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