Luda secures $7M funding for AI training simulation


Luda, a company specializing in AI training and launch, has announced the launch of Real-Time Reinforcement Learning (RT-RL), a new system that allows users to create AI agents that can interact based on physics principles, without the need for coding or animation. The company has raised $7 million in funding, with Bitkraft Ventures and Compound leading the round. Luda’s generative AI breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize how consumers interact with AI, particularly in the gaming industry. These AI agents, created through Luda’s browser-based simulation called Mels, use generative AI, Accelerated Learning, Low-Latency Inference, and Human Interactivity, making them suitable for user-generated content (UGC) gameplay.

Scott Rupp, partner at Bitkraft, believes that Luda is not just building an IP or game, but rather developing an entirely new creative medium that empowers users to craft AI agents using Lego-like building blocks. This breakthrough technology can provide users with new and accessible experiences, combining human creativity, social connection, and user-generated agents. Vijay Sundaram, the CEO of Luda, expressed excitement about creating fundamentally new experiences that were not possible before through their research and development of RT-RL techniques.

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