Microsoft developing Windows 11’s own DLSS-style upscaler.


Microsoft is set to release a DLSS-like AI upscaling feature for PC games. The feature promises to enhance the details of supported games, similar to Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling technology. While the release has not been officially announced yet, it is seen as a move by Microsoft to improve the gaming experience on Windows 11. Moreover, Microsoft is also working on improved color management for the latest OLED monitors that are incorporating HDR, with new features that will allow users to control color profiles for sRGB and DCI-P3.

Microsoft is gearing up to introduce its DLSS-like AI upscaling feature for PC gaming, which will automatically enhance game details. The move mirrors Nvidia’s successful implementation of DLSS, touting improved frame rates and image quality in games that support it. Meanwhile, Microsoft continues its innovation with plans to enhance color management in Windows 11, offering support for the latest OLED monitors equipped with HDR technology. Additionally, upcoming changes will integrate color management into the main display settings area of Windows 11, enabling users to set color profiles for sRGB and DCI-P3, and a new feature that will automatically control these various color profiles.

Microsoft’s development of AI super resolution for PC games and enhanced color management in Windows 11 reflects the company’s commitment to elevating the gaming experience and improving visuals on the platform. As the tech giant looks to rival Nvidia’s DLSS, the new features signal Microsoft’s ongoing investment in gaming technology and improvements for its Windows operating system. Furthermore, with the improved color management feature, the display settings of Windows 11 offer better customization options, particularly for users of the latest OLED monitors.

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