New Glenn rocket by Jeff Bezos spotted on launch pad


Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket was rolled onto a launch pad in Florida for ground testing, suggesting progress for the usually secretive space company. Although the company’s inaugural flight of New Glenn has been delayed in recent years, there seems to be a new sense of confidence in their capabilities as they move closer to finally launching a rocket into orbit. With Blue Origin’s new CEO, Dave Limp, pushing the company to move faster, employees are carrying out test milestones in preparation for New Glenn’s first launch later this year.

With Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin’s founder, on-site to witness the event, the first full-scale New Glenn rocket was rolled out of the hangar at LC-36 and up the ramp to the launch mount. This rocket, which stands at more than 320 feet tall, is one of the largest ever seen on Florida’s Space Coast and is capable of hauling nearly 100,000 pounds of payload into low-Earth orbit. Also crucial for Blue Origin’s plans, New Glenn’s first stage booster is reusable, and the company has ambitious plans for its reusable first stage booster and payload fairing.

Now in its 24th year, Blue Origin is working on a wide range of projects aside from rockets and has major locations in Washington, Texas, Florida, and Alabama. Additionally, the company is in the process of buying United Launch Alliance from Boeing and Lockheed Martin. As they make progress with New Glenn, it seems that Blue Origin is positioned to become a major player in the space industry.

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