New technology keeping you awake at night? Say goodbye to sleepless nights.


The evolution of nighttime darkness as a signal for humans to sleep has been disrupted by the prevalence of indicator lights on household electronics. These bright lights, found on devices ranging from surge protectors to headphones, can be a significant hindrance to a good night’s rest. Steven Lockley, a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School, has emphasized the unnaturalness of light exposure at night and its impact on sleep patterns in modern society.

Individuals like Kyle Moschen have taken matters into their own hands by covering up these bothersome indicator lights with tape. Moschen, feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of lights in his living space, resorted to this DIY solution to create a more conducive sleep environment. Others, like finance professional Jonathan King, have adapted by using face masks or covering up indicator lights on devices like headphones to minimize sleep disruption. Despite the practical and aesthetic purposes of these indicator lights, the growing trend of bright LED lights has led to an increase in sleep disturbances and the need for creative solutions to mitigate their effects.

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