Old, Modified Toyota Supra with 388K Miles to Sell for More Than New.


The iconic A80-generation Toyota Supra, particularly the turbocharged model, is considered the holy grail of Radwood-era performance cars, celebrated for its 2JZ turbocharged inline six engine that is renowned for its ability to generate immense power and longevity. A 1993 Toyota Supra with a staggering 388,000 miles is up for bid on Bring a Trailer, and given its condition and mileage, is expected to fetch a significant amount. Despite lacking originality, having high mileage and significant rust issues, the car’s current bid is nearing $50,000, which exceeds the base MSRP of a brand new 2024 GR Supra.

Many car collectors highly value originality, low-mileage, and preservation, none of which this 1993 Toyota Supra possesses. With its high mileage, numerous modifications, and rust concerns, this particular Supra is almost at the point where its parts are deemed more valuable than the car as a whole. These issues, along with its poor paint and tattered interior, will require significant work and are not cheap to address. Despite these downsides, the current bid for the Supra is climbing close to $50,000, surpassing the base MSRP of a brand new 2024 GR Supra.

Although spending close to $50,000 on a car is not an amount that the author has ever considered, they believe that purchasing a car in this condition would be a serious disappointment, for both the car and the buyer. Despite the car’s high mileage, modifications, rust concerns, and tattered interior, the bid for the 1993 Toyota Supra is currently nearing $50,000, which is more than the base MSRP of a brand new Toyota Supra.

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