OWL Finals Unveil Overwatch 2’s Samoa Control Map in Full Glory


Overwatch 2 developers are bringing attention back to the classic game mode of Control by introducing a new map called Samoa. This comes after the mixed reception of the new Push and Flashpoint modes introduced since Overwatch 2’s launch. Samoa features three diverse maps with a tropical backdrop, adding a splash of color to the game and offering a unique location compared to other maps. The first map, Beach, offers cover with small villas and huts, while Downtown funnels players through packed streets into a large point with a tower in the middle. The final map, Volcano, has a fiery lava pit lining the control point, exciting Lucio players. This new map has also sparked speculation about the addition of the hero Mauga in Season 8.

The developers’ focus on new multiplayer maps and consistent balance updates has shifted resources away from a full PvE campaign in Overwatch 2. This decision has resulted in the release of fresh multiplayer content, including PvE missions and Flashpoint mode. With the dust settled around Flashpoint, the development team is now revisiting an older mode and introducing a new Control map. The addition of Samoa showcases their commitment to providing players with diverse and engaging gameplay experiences.

Samoa’s three maps offer distinct playstyles, requiring players to adapt and switch strategies between rounds. The introduction of this new map not only revitalizes the classic Control mode but also brings a unique and vibrant location to the game. Moreover, players have speculated that Samoa may serve as a precursor to the addition of the hero Mauga in Season 8. Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Samoa, which is set to launch on October 10, coinciding with the start of Season 7. Players can look forward to exploring these new maps and immersing themselves in the tropical beauty and exciting gameplay that Samoa has to offer.

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