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The latest data from Canalys, an analyst firm tracking PC market trends, shows some positive signs for the industry. Although PC shipments in the US are still down compared to last year, the rate of decline has slowed down, indicating a potential market recovery by the end of the year. The decline in PC shipments during the second quarter of 2023 was 5.8%, totaling 18.2 million units. Desktops were the most affected, while laptops performed relatively well, with 15.2 million units sold. The return in demand for Chromebooks in the education sector was a contributing factor to the positive performance of laptops.

Canalys noted that the commercial sector also supported the market, as more consumers deprioritized their spending on new devices due to ongoing economic uncertainties. Among the top five vendors, Apple experienced the highest year-on-year growth at 32.6%, aligning with the increasing preference for Macs in businesses and by employees. However, Acer saw a significant decrease of 20.3% in device sales during this period.

While the global PC market is also witnessing a decline in shipments, the trend seems to be easing off, with a smaller decrease of 11.5% year-on-year. As an emerging market could provide an opportunity for upgrading before demand returns, it may be wise to wait for potential price drops as Black Friday approaches. Last year, there were record-breaking deals, including discounts of over $700 on certain laptops. Therefore, holding off on purchasing a new laptop for now might save buyers a significant sum of money.

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