Lauren Apolito Climbs to EVP Position at SESAC-Owned Rumblefish


Lauren Apolito has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Strategy & Business Development at Rumblefish, a subsidiary of SESAC Music Group. Apolito played a crucial role in transforming Rumblefish’s rights management service and establishing relationships with consumer media brands. In her new position, Apolito will focus on expanding partnerships with businesses that can benefit from SESAC’s Licensing and Administration Services. Michael Simon, President of HFA and Rumblefish, commended Apolito’s leadership and ability to leverage industry changes into new revenue opportunities. Apolito is also involved in the industry beyond her work at Rumblefish, serving on the Advisory Board of Women in Music and offering mentorship programs at NYU Steinhardt, TechStars Music, and GRAMMY U.

Rumblefish, which provides music licensing services and manages music rights and royalties, was acquired by SESAC in 2014. Since the acquisition, Rumblefish has made significant strides in expanding its partnerships. For example, the company extended its partnership with digital music service 7digital in 2019 to help music streaming services launch and expand more efficiently. In 2018, Rumblefish partnered with Facebook to offer music licensing and administration services for indie publishers. Additionally, Rumblefish teamed up with Pinterest to provide music metadata and license management services. SESAC, the parent company of Rumblefish, has also pursued acquisitions to enhance its offerings, including the acquisition of the Harry Fox Agency in 2015, AudioSalad in March, and Music Services in June. The company was acquired by investment giant Blackstone Group in 2017.

Overall, Apolito’s promotion highlights her contributions to Rumblefish’s growth and revenue diversification. It also signifies her role in fostering relationships with key industry players and extending SESAC’s Licensing and Administration Services to a broader range of businesses. The article showcases Rumblefish’s success in forming partnerships and expanding its services since its acquisition by SESAC. Furthermore, it mentions SESAC’s ongoing pursuit of acquisitions to strengthen its position in the industry. Ultimately, these developments highlight the dynamic nature of the music industry and the importance of strategic leadership and innovation.

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