Philips Hue users must create an account by next year for app usage.


Philips Hue, a popular smart lighting system, is now requiring users to sign up for a Hue account in order to use its app. While this may not be a major issue for most users, as many already have a Hue account, the option to use Hue’s smart lighting without creating an account was a significant part of its appeal for some customers. This move has sparked criticism from some users who feel that the company is changing the rules after the fact. The founder of open-source home automation platform Home Assistant, Paulus Schoutsen, expressed concern about the ownership of user data and the impact on the ecosystem.

According to Signify, the company that owns Philips Hue, all users will have to sign up for a Hue account by next year in order to continue using the Philips Hue app. Users can sign up using their email or by using a third-party option like Sign in with Apple. Signify claims that this change is primarily for security purposes, as the current system allows anyone with physical access to a Hue bridge to take control of it. By requiring a Hue account, users will have better control and management of their Hue system.

The decision to require a Hue account also aligns with the introduction of new cameras and a security system. The account will allow for the backend management of home composition and the integration of multiple devices. While the move is intended to enhance security and improve user control, some users remain unhappy about the change and question the ownership of their lighting system.

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