Player dumbfounded as knife ignites in Counter-Strike 2, baffling everyone


A player in the recently released game Counter-Strike 2 experienced a bizarre bug when their knife unexpectedly caught fire during a game on the Overpass map. The incident, which was shared on Reddit, shows the player switching to a Molotov and then back to their knife, only to find it ablaze. The player attempts to put out the fire by swiping the blade, but it continues to burn. The community was amazed by the bug, speculating if the fiery knife would have caused extra damage to enemies.

This incident is just one of many issues that players of Counter-Strike 2 have encountered since its release. The game has been plagued by game-breaking bugs, such as random elements from other maps appearing and impacting gameplay, along with complaints about underwhelming launch and laggy servers. Despite these problems, Counter-Strike 2 has achieved significant success, reaching a peak player count of over 1.3 million. However, players are still hoping for a more polished and improved gaming experience.

Overall, a player in Counter-Strike 2 was surprised when their knife suddenly caught fire during a match on the Overpass map. The incident, shared on Reddit, gained attention from the community, who speculated about the potential damage the fiery knife could have caused. This bug is just one of many issues that players have experienced since the game’s release, including game-breaking bugs and server problems. Despite these challenges, Counter-Strike 2 has achieved impressive success, but players are still eager for a more refined gaming experience.

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