Pokémon Invade Van Gogh Museum to Educate on Art: A Whimsical Cultural Blend!


The Pokémon Company has announced a collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum to celebrate the museum’s 50th anniversary. The partnership aims to introduce young artists to the work of Vincent Van Gogh and highlight how he was influenced by Japanese art. The collaboration will include on-site activations at the museum, as well as an online exploration of Van Gogh’s fascination with Japanese culture. As part of the collaboration, a special Pikachu promo card featuring an impressionistic design will be available for visitors to the museum. The collaboration will run from September 28th, 2023, until January 7th, 2024.

The Van Gogh Museum’s general director, Emilie Gordenker, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that it will allow the next generation to discover Van Gogh’s art and life story in a refreshing way. The partnership between the Van Gogh Museum and The Pokémon Company International draws on their educational expertise to create a special experience for children and others at the museum. The collaboration aims to provide a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about Van Gogh’s paintings and delve into the stories behind them. In addition to the on-site activations, an online exploration of Van Gogh’s fascination with Japanese culture will also be available.

For those unable to visit the museum in person, the special Pikachu promo card and other themed merchandise will be available through the Pokémon Center. The collaboration offers fans an opportunity to collect exclusive items inspired by the partnership. Tickets for general admission to the Van Gogh Museum can be purchased online, and the collaboration will be available until January 7th, 2024. Whether visitors are interested in the Pikachu promo card or simply want to immerse themselves in the world of Van Gogh, this collaboration presents a unique and exciting experience for art and Pokémon enthusiasts alike.

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