Possible USB-C Cable Issue Causing CarPlay Malfunction in Certain iPhone 15 Users


Some users of the iPhone 15 have been experiencing issues with CarPlay, which may be related to the switch to USB-C. Complaints have been surfacing from MacRumors readers and Reddit users who are unable to use CarPlay with their new devices. The problem seems to be associated with the type of cable and available port options. Many cars, including newer models, only have USB-A ports, necessitating the use of a USB-A to USB-C cable. However, not all cables on the market are compatible, leading to frustration among users.

There have been reports of success with certain USB-A to USB-C cables, such as those from Belkin. However, it appears that finding a cable that works may require some trial and error. Apple Support has been contacted by users, but their potential solutions have not resolved the issue for everyone. Some individuals have speculated that there may be a specific specification point that certain “good quality” cables are missing. Apple has been made aware of the problem and is working on a fix, which could potentially include a software update or improved guidance on compatible USB-C cables.

While most complaints have come from owners of vehicles with USB-A ports, there have also been reports of issues with vehicles equipped with USB-C ports and even complaints about wireless CarPlay. One theory suggests that VPNs may be causing some connection problems, although disabling a VPN did not work for all users. Given the wide range of reports, it is clear that there are multiple CarPlay issues at present, and potential solutions may involve transitioning to different cables and awaiting a software update from Apple.

If you have experienced CarPlay issues with your iPhone 15, please share your experiences in the comments.

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