Resurrect “Memento Attic Ghost” to Revive Forgotten Objects from the Past!


In preparation for the start of October, a new card called “Memento Uramon” has been revealed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. This Level 2 DARK Fiend Effect Monster has an ATK of 550 and a DEF of 400. It has two unique effects that can only be used once per turn. The first effect allows the player to add a “Memento” card from their graveyard to their hand when “Memento Uramon” is Normal or Special Summoned. The second effect allows the player to Special Summon “Memento Uramon” if it is sent to the graveyard by a “Memento” monster’s effect.

It is worth noting that “Memento Uramon” is a remake of a card called “Wretched Ghost of the Attic.” The name “Uramon” does not hold a specific meaning, but it may be a reference to the term “裏門” (back door/gate) or “裏紋” (unofficial crest or coat of arms). The article speculates on how the TCG (Trading Card Game) will localize the name of the card.

Overall, this new card adds a spooky addition to the game just in time for the Halloween season. Players will have to strategize on how to make the most of its unique effects in their decks.

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