Dave Ramsey’s thoughts on a Virginia woman’s plea for help with her ‘disconnected’ husband.


In a recent episode of The Ramsey Show, personal finance expert Dave Ramsey was stumped when Linda, a woman from Virginia, sought advice on her frustrating situation with her husband. Both nearing retirement age, Linda makes $115,000 a year while her husband earns $45,000. Despite owing $180,000 on their home, her husband refuses to pay it off or downsize. The couple has different financial priorities, with Linda owning assets and saving for retirement while her husband lacks retirement savings and shows no interest in helping with her rental properties. Ramsey suggested seeking marriage counseling, but Linda’s husband is unwilling. Ramsey emphasized the importance of being on the same page about money in a marriage.

Linda finds herself in a predicament as she and her husband, both in their 60s, approach retirement. Despite making $115,000 annually compared to her husband’s $45,000, they still owe $180,000 on their house. Linda wants to pay off the mortgage and downsize for retirement, but her husband disagrees. She has assets, including $175,000 in her 401(k) and two rental properties, while her husband has no retirement savings. They split bills, but Linda feels frustrated and disconnected from her husband’s lack of financial responsibility. Ramsey suggested marriage counseling, although Linda’s husband is unwilling to participate.

Ramsey is at a loss for how to advise Linda on her troublesome marriage dynamic. He recommends seeking marriage counseling, but her husband refuses to cooperate. Ramsey highlights the importance of being on the same page about money in a marriage, citing research that shows financial disagreements contribute to relationship problems. If Linda tries to make peace with the situation, Ramsey suggests she may have to sell her rental properties to pay off their home. Moreover, since her husband has no savings, he will rely on her retirement funds when they retire. Ramsey advises young couples to prioritize open communication about money and seek pre-marital counseling if financial problems arise early in the relationship, as financial disagreements can be as damaging as other forms of infidelity.

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