Save $40 on the Apple Pencil (2nd gen) within a limited time!


The Apple Pencil (2nd generation) is currently on sale at both Amazon and Best Buy for $89, a 31% discount from its standard price of $129. This powerful stylus is compatible with devices like the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini, allowing users to sketch, draw, and mark up documents with precision. The Apple Pencil features a flat edge that magnetically attaches to the Apple device for automatic pairing and charging. It has received positive reviews for its accuracy and overall feel when using the stylus.

While purchasing the Apple Pencil through Amazon or Best Buy offers a discounted price, one downside is the lack of custom engraving options. Customers who buy directly from the Apple store have the option of free engraving, but they would have to pay the full price of $129. Therefore, if users prioritize the savings of 31% over having an engraved stylus, they can take advantage of the deal on Amazon and Best Buy where the Apple Pencil is available for $89, saving $40.

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