Setting Temporary Environment Variables in Linux: A Quick Guide by TechToday


Setting temporary environment variables in Linux can be a useful tool for developers, as demonstrated by Jack Wallen in his tutorial. These variables allow for easier scripting and working with systemwide programs. For instance, developers may set a temporary variable for their distribution’s version, simplifying the process of downloading the correct application for installation. Similarly, setting a URL as an environment variable can streamline script work. By resetting these variables, developers can avoid editing their scripts and ensure compatibility across various scripts that require the same variable.

To set an environment variable in Linux, one must first log into their Linux desktop or server and open a terminal window. For example, to set the variable MY_SITE to “,” one would use the command “export MY_SITE=’’.” To verify the variable’s successful creation, one can use the “echo $MY_SITE” command. This straightforward process empowers developers to work more efficiently by utilizing variables that can be accessed by any type of script or application.

In conclusion, the ability to set temporary environment variables in Linux provides developers with a practical solution for streamlining their work. By utilizing these variables, developers can simplify script handling and ensure compatibility among different scripts. The process of setting environment variables is straightforward and involves using the “export” command in the terminal window. Ultimately, this technique allows developers to work smarter and more efficiently.

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