Spotify debuts collaborative party playlists with the innovative Jam feature


Spotify has introduced a new feature called “Jam,” which allows friends to curate a shared playlist and listen to it together in real time. This feature is available to both free and Premium subscribers, but only Premium users can start a session and invite others to join. Premium users can initiate a joint listening experience by selecting a song or playlist and choosing “Start a Jam.” Housemates on the same Wi-Fi network will be automatically prompted to join, and hosts can also invite people from anywhere in the world using a QR code or by sharing a link on social media.

In a Jam session, participants can contribute tracks to the shared queue, and hosts have the power to change the order of the songs and remove tracks that don’t fit the theme or vibe. While hosts can determine who’s in the Jam, it’s unclear if they can remove participants from the session. However, hosts can enable “Guest controls” to allow all participants to rearrange the queue or remove tracks. Spotify Jam is now available globally, offering a shared music experience for all users.

For those who prefer streaming music alone but still want to discover new songs and artists, Spotify’s daylist may be a better option. This playlist, launched earlier this month, adapts throughout the day based on the user’s listening preferences. It provides a personalized music experience without the collaborative aspect of Jam.

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