Supercell gains controlling share in Ultimate Studio


Supercell, the maker of popular mobile games like Clash of Clans, has acquired a majority stake in Ultimate Studio, a game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. This acquisition follows Supercell’s previous investment in Ultimate Studio when it was established in 2018. Supercell has a history of acquiring majority stakes in studios it has funded, such as Love & Pies maker Trailmix and Space Ape. Ultimate Studio was founded by Tony Lay and Mark Zaloumis, former executives at Electronic Arts, with a focus on the craftsmanship of game makers.

Ultimate Studio is dedicated to creating PC and console titles and will be among the first to explore Supercell’s ambitions to expand to other platforms. The acquisition represents a shared commitment between the two companies to deliver remarkable games that players will love forever. Tony Lay, co-founder of Ultimate Studio, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that Supercell supports their goals and allows them to operate with a strong identity and independence. Timur Haussila, special projects head at Supercell, emphasized the team’s experience in working on various mobile, PC, and console titles and their desire to explore opportunities beyond mobile.

This acquisition marks a significant step for both Supercell and Ultimate Studio, enabling them to reach and serve more players globally while creating memorable titles. The partnership aligns with Supercell’s vision to diversify its offerings and expand beyond the mobile gaming market. Together, the two companies aim to continue delivering exceptional games that leave a lasting impact on players worldwide.

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