Superhero Community’s Pillar Fades Away


The Saturday 2023/12/09 crossword puzzle is a treat for crossword enthusiasts, with a grid that is challenging but ultimately rewarding. Constructed by Christina Iverson and Doug Peterson, this puzzle is packed with a broad range of pop culture references and some goofy puns. From misdirects in the top half of the grid to unfamiliar trivia, the puzzle offers a delightful solving experience, making it a great way to spend a Saturday.

One of the standout entries is “Defiant declaration popularized by the drag queen Bianca Del Rio,” which is NOT TODAY SATAN, a phrase first seen on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The puzzle also features some interesting highbrow combinations, such as references to the Hundred Years’ War and Greek mythology. Overall, the puzzle is cleverly crafted to keep solvers engaged and entertained with its clever wordplay and references.

The collaboration between Christina Iverson and Doug Peterson, both constructing veterans, has resulted in a delightful and memorable crossword puzzle. Their combined efforts have created a grid that perfectly balances challenge and enjoyment, making it a must-solve for fans of crossword puzzles, especially on a leisurely Saturday.

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