TechToday: Lies of P’s update brings welcome game difficulty adjustments.


The latest update for the game Lies of P, version, brings a number of balance changes to make the game easier for players. The update, which is now live on PC and console, focuses on fixing the balance of boss fights and tweaking character progression reset. Certain field monsters have had their health lowered, and the player now has an increased chance to break their stance. Boss fights with Fallen Archbishop Andreus, King of Puppets, and Simon Manus, Arm of God, have also been adjusted, with decreased health and damage. Additionally, the update includes reward drop-rate adjustments, increasing the drop rate of certain items while decreasing the drop rate of Star Fragments.

The Lies of P update introduces various balance changes to improve gameplay. Players will find that field monsters have reduced health and a larger staggerable window time to break their stance. Additionally, the bosses Fallen Archbishop Andreus, King of Puppets, and Simon Manus, Arm of God, have seen decreases in their health. Simon Manus, Awakened God, also deals less damage and has an easier-to-break stance. Reward drop rates have been adjusted as well, with an increased drop rate for Moonstone-type items and Ergo items, but a decreased drop rate for Star Fragments.

The update also brings system changes related to character progression reset. Players now have the ability to reset their character’s level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms at the ‘Gold Coin Tree’. Furthermore, the patch includes various additional changes, such as increased weight capacity, decreased weight of certain items, and improved attack landing for fable arts. Bug fixes have also been implemented, addressing issues with Legion Arms and cutscene graphics. Lies of P is available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Steam.

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