Home Technology The Online Hub for Teen Girls: Girlhood – A Blog by and for Them.

The Online Hub for Teen Girls: Girlhood – A Blog by and for Them.

The Online Hub for Teen Girls: Girlhood – A Blog by and for Them.

Mia Sugimoto and her best friend, Sophia Rundle, were inspired by their experience watching the Barbie movie to create Girlhood, a blog for teen girls created by teen girls. The website aims to fill the gap left by the decline of teenage magazines by providing a safe space for girls to ask for advice and receive guidance. The blog features an advice column, written by Sugimoto, Rundle, and their team of over 50 volunteers, as well as personal blogs from the creators and readers. Since launching, Girlhood has gained significant attention on social media, with their TikTok video going viral and garnering millions of views.

The rise of Girlhood coincides with growing concerns about the mental health of teen girls, with research showing high rates of suicide ideation and feelings of hopelessness. Sugimoto and Rundle started the blog because they couldn’t find the advice they needed when they were younger and wanted to create a platform where girls could seek guidance and support. With the decline of traditional teen magazines, teenagers often turn to social media and online communities for advice.

Girlhood has been compared to Rookie Mag, a popular online publication for teen girls that shuttered in 2018. The blog draws on the aesthetic preferences of teen girls, with its pink and purple color scheme, and addresses pressing issues such as relationships, toxic friendships, making friends, and self-confidence. The creators hope that their diverse team of volunteers can provide support to every girl who seeks advice on their platform. Sugimoto and Rundle are overwhelmed by the positive response they have received and are grateful for the opportunity to create a supportive environment for girls.

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