The Web: The Definitive Killer App for Threads, in Just 13 Words


Threads, the text-based social network by Meta, has finally launched a web version. The app, which initially gained significant popularity with 100 million sign-ups in the first five days of its release, allows users to post text updates, like and repost others’ posts, and reply in a thread format. However, Threads has faced limitations such as its lack of compatibility with ActivityPub and absence of direct messaging feature. Additionally, it was not available in the European Union due to regulatory restrictions and was limited to mobile usage. With its arrival on the web, Threads aims to broaden its usability and compete with other social media platforms.

The web version of Threads is seen as a move by Meta to increase user engagement and expand its reach. Despite the initial surge in sign-ups, Threads experienced a significant drop in daily active users after its launch. However, recent data suggests a gradual increase in usage. The web launch is not only an attempt to attract users back but also to make the app more accessible to those who primarily use social media on their laptops. The move is part of Meta’s strategy to solidify Threads’ position in the market and divert attention from competing platforms.

Ethan Zuckerman, a media scholar at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, points out that limited access to Threads on the web has hindered its regular usage for many users. This highlights the challenge of cross-posting between multiple platforms when one is mobile-only, creating a barrier for users who predominantly access social media through web browsers. By expanding Threads to the web, Meta aims to reduce this barrier and enhance user experience for a wider audience seeking new conversation spaces beyond platforms like Twitter.

In summary, Threads, the text-based social network by Meta, has launched its web version to enhance usability and compete with other platforms. While the app initially gained immense popularity, it faced limitations such as compatibility issues and the absence of direct messaging. The web launch aims to rejuvenate user engagement and make Threads accessible to those who primarily use social media on their laptops. This expansion aligns with Meta’s strategy to establish Threads as a prominent player in the social media landscape and draw attention away from rival platforms.

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