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Wellmind Health has launched Pathway through Arthritis, a unique arthritis pain management program developed in partnership with Versus Arthritis, the UK’s largest arthritis charity. The web-based program is designed to help individuals with different forms of arthritis by empowering self-management of persistent pain. With over 10 million people in the UK with arthritis, the cost to society is significant, with individuals being less likely to be in work and facing a strain on their mental well-being. The program aims to reduce the impact of arthritis on daily life through clinically employed pain self-management techniques, exercise, lifestyle changes, and cognitive approaches led by a multi-disciplinary team of experts.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions like arthritis account for a large number of GP consultations in the UK, with annual NHS spend related to arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions at around £5 billion. The Pathway through Arthritis program, developed with input from Versus Arthritis, incorporates clinically recognized self-reporting assessments to measure health outcomes such as disability, health state, depression, anxiety, and musculoskeletal health. Participants who have tried the platform have reported improvements in overall health, anxiety, and depression. By providing innovative technology and tools, Wellmind Health and Versus Arthritis aim to make a difference in managing arthritis and supporting healthcare services across the country.

Wellmind Health specializes in providing drug-free digital treatments for better mental health and pain management. Their clinical-grade digital therapies have been deployed across NHS services for over a decade, complying with healthcare regulations. The Pathway through Arthritis program, developed in collaboration with Versus Arthritis, fills a crucial gap in supporting individuals with arthritis and improving their quality of life. By promoting self-management of arthritis conditions, the program aims to reduce drug over-prescription and the burden on healthcare services. As pain management becomes a growing focus in the digital health sector, innovative solutions like Pathway through Arthritis offer hope for individuals living with arthritis.

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