Central Greece suffers further flooding as another storm hits, Reuters reports.


Torrential rain has caused severe flooding in central Greece, hitting the port city of Volos and the island of Evia just weeks after Storm Daniel caused extensive damage in the region. A private helicopter crashed into the sea off northern Evia, and a search and rescue operation is underway. The storm led to power outages in Volos, with 80% of the city plunged into darkness, and authorities have urged residents to stay at home. This is the second major storm to hit the area, with many residents feeling that authorities were unprepared as they were still dealing with the aftermath of Storm Daniel.

The heavy rainfall from Storm Elias raised water levels in Volos and its suburbs within a few hours. A nearby stream overflowed, exacerbating the flooding. The fire brigade reported that over 250 people have been evacuated, and they have received around 1,200 calls for assistance so far. The storm has also impacted the island of Evia, with some villages being ordered to evacuate. Storm Elias follows closely behind Storm Daniel, which caused significant devastation in the region, including flooding homes, damaging road infrastructure and farms. The aftermath of Daniel is still being dealt with, leaving residents struggling to recover from its impact.

The contrasting events of the two storms highlight the challenges faced by authorities in promptly responding to natural disasters. The lack of adequate preparation has left residents frustrated, with some blaming the authorities for not performing their duties effectively. Storm Daniel not only affected Greece but also Libya, leading to a massive flood in Derna that claimed over 2,500 lives. The consecutive storms have emphasized the need for improved disaster preparedness and response measures to mitigate the potential destruction caused by such extreme weather events.

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