Recall issued for all Onewheel e-skateboards due to fatal incidents: NPR


Future Motion, the maker of Onewheel electric skateboards, has announced a recall of all models after four deaths were linked to the products. The recall includes 300,000 boards and comes after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) pushed for the recall. Future Motion initially resisted the recall but ultimately complied with the CPSC’s request. The recall notice states that the company has received numerous reports of incidents involving the electric skateboards, including four deaths and various injuries.

The reported deaths were a result of head trauma, and it was noted that the riders involved were not wearing helmets. Onewheel skateboards feature a single wheel that self-balances as the rider is propelled forward by electric power. The CPSC warned consumers in November 2022 to stop using all Onewheel models due to the risk of death and serious injury. Future Motion has now added a new safety feature to address the issue. They are introducing a “haptic buzz” alert function that riders can hear and feel when they may be in danger of crashing. This safety update will be available for select Onewheel models in the coming weeks.

Last year, Future Motion rejected the CPSC’s warnings and stated that there was no reason for riders to stop using their boards. However, the company has now taken the step of recalling all models in response to the reported incidents and concerns raised by the CPSC.

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