Super Mario Bros.: Local Multiplayer Wonder Now Features Limited Collision


Nintendo has made an interesting revelation about the development of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, disclosing that the game initially had player collision in local multiplayer but it was eventually removed. This decision marks a departure from the New Super Mario Bros. series where player collision was present and allowed players to perform actions like jumping off each other’s heads. While collision added an element of chaos, Nintendo decided to take it out to reduce stress and prevent players from obstructing each other on narrow platforms. However, there are still opportunities for player interaction in co-op, such as saving defeated friends and riding on Yoshi’s back.

Director Shiro Mouri explained that when collision was removed, it became apparent that a lot of stress was eliminated. This was particularly evident when dealing with narrow platforms, as other players would often get in the way. By removing collision, Nintendo has created a smoother and more streamlined multiplayer experience. Although some may argue that the absence of collision might diminish the overall challenge and excitement in the game, it seems that Nintendo believes it was the right move to make.

Despite the removal of collision, Super Mario Bros. Wonder still offers limited opportunities for direct player interaction in co-op mode. Players can come to the aid of defeated friends by reaching their ghost form before time runs out. Additionally, if someone is playing as Yoshi, others can jump on their back and ride them. These interactions maintain a sense of teamwork and cooperation among players while eliminating the potential chaos and frustration associated with player collision. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch on October 20, 2023.

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