Tesla Model S vs. Chevrolet Corvette in epic drag race: Who emerges victorious?


In a recent video posted on Twitter by the Tesla fan account Tesla Cars Only Family, a Tesla Model S is seen defeating a gas-powered Chevrolet Corvette in a drag race. The video does not provide specific details about the location or the distance of the race, but it clearly shows the Model S finishing the race in 9.36 seconds, while the Corvette takes 10.6 seconds. This comes as no surprise to those familiar with the cars, as the Tesla Model S is advertised to have a faster acceleration time than the Chevrolet Corvette.

The Tesla Model S is known for its impressive performance, with an advertised 0 to 60 mph time of 1.99 seconds, compared to the Corvette’s 2.9 seconds. Despite the Model S having a slightly higher starting price of $74,990 compared to the Corvette’s $66,300, owning an electric vehicle like the Tesla has added benefits. In addition to its speed, the Tesla Model S is also more environmentally friendly, running on electricity and producing zero tailpipe emissions, while the Corvette relies on dirty energy sources that contribute to climate change.

The advantages of electric vehicles extend beyond just performance, as a shift from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles could significantly reduce air pollution and save thousands of lives, according to a report from the American Lung Association. The video of the Tesla Model S beating the gas-powered Corvette received positive feedback from Tesla enthusiasts, who were excited to see the electric vehicle outperform its traditional counterpart. This serves as a reminder of the ongoing progress electric vehicles are making in terms of sales and performance, as they continue to challenge the dominance of gas-powered cars.

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