Rep. Gaetz: Governing with continuing resolutions is a ‘fever dream’ – CNBC TV


In a televised interview with CNBC, Representative Matt Gaetz criticized the use of continuing resolutions as a way of governing. Referring to it as a “fever dream,” Gaetz expressed his frustration with the temporary funding measure that Congress often relies on to avoid government shutdowns. He argued that this approach undermines regular order and proper legislative process, preventing lawmakers from achieving substantive reforms or addressing long-term issues.

Gaetz’s sentiments echo a growing sentiment among lawmakers who are dissatisfied with the repeated use of continuing resolutions. He highlighted the need for Congress to return to its constitutional role of passing annual budgets and appropriations bills instead of relying on stopgap measures. Gaetz emphasized that this approach allows more comprehensive deliberation and debate, enabling lawmakers to make more informed decisions about federal spending and policy priorities.

Furthermore, Gaetz suggested that relying on continuing resolutions creates uncertainty for government agencies and the American people. By extending funding for short periods, he argued that Congress fails to provide stability for essential programs and services. Gaetz’s call for a change in the approach to governing reflects a desire for a more stable, transparent, and efficient legislative process that can effectively address pressing issues and deliver long-term solutions for the American public.

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