Tesla evades Full Self-Driving class action lawsuit, escaping legal consequences in 13 words.


Tesla has successfully avoided a class-action lawsuit over its Full Self-Driving (FSD) claims by arguing that customers have agreed to arbitration in their contracts. The lawsuit was brought by Tesla owners who paid up to $15,000 for the FSD package but were dissatisfied with the lack of progress in self-driving technology. However, a judge ruled in favor of Tesla, stating that the majority of the owners had agreed to arbitration in their purchase agreements. This means that the owners will now have to individually address their complaints through the arbitration process.

The decision has sparked controversy as it allows Tesla to circumvent a class-action lawsuit that could have held the company accountable for its failure to deliver on self-driving promises. Instead, owners will have to navigate the arbitration process individually, which critics argue puts them at a disadvantage against Tesla’s legal team known for its aggressive approach. Some argue that Tesla should have offered refunds or transferred the FSD package to new vehicles as a gesture of goodwill to customers who were promised self-driving capabilities on multiple occasions but have yet to see them materialize.

Overall, Tesla’s successful use of forced arbitration has allowed the company to escape a potential precedent-setting class-action lawsuit and instead require dissatisfied customers to address their issues individually through arbitration. This decision has been met with criticism and concerns over fairness, as it potentially favors Tesla’s legal team and limits the ability of customers to collectively hold the company accountable for its unfulfilled promises in self-driving technology.

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